East Radnor Benefice

The East Radnor Benefice covers Knighton, Norton, Whitton, Pilleth and Cascob and our Vicar is Melia Cope who can be contacted on 01547 528566 from Tuesday to Sunday.

The Churches have regular services on a Sunday and we have a mid-week service at Knighton once a month. Knighton also holds a monthly family service which is very popular with the local young families.

St Edwards in Knighton is the biggest of the churches and we work as part of the ‘Churches Together’ group that includes the Baptist church, Methodist Church, our Lady of Perpetual Succour and St Nicholas along with the Beacon Hill Benefice. Collectively our projects are well known locally – the food bank, lunch club and theology circle.

St Edwards also has a busy church hall that’s used by the community on a regular basis for anything from coffee mornings through to concerts.

St Andrews Norton also works hard within the community and has a lively calendar of events throughout the year. Its current project is to construct in the rear of the church an area for a kitchen, eating together and toilets. This will further enhance its use for the community.

St Davids Whitton is also attended by villagers in Pilleth since its ancient church has limited services mainly in the Summer period. St Davids is well supported by the community.

St Michaels Cascob is an ancient rural church that has a service once a month. It maintains its traditions of sheep grazing the churchyard and has been supported in the past by the Friends who worked to restore the 14th century building. In the grounds you will find, we believe, one of the oldest specimens of yew tree in Wales.

Our lady of Pilleth has been a place of worship since the Celtic Christians. The church structure dates back to the 13th century and during a recent full restoration it maintained its wonderful atmosphere in only being lit by candlelight. The church is actively supported by its Friends and is regularly visited by tourists because of its historical links to the Battle of Bryn Glas and the supposed healing powers of its well.

With the rich history of our area and its churches we do everything we can to support the traditions. We are very proud to say that every church makes new members and visitors very welcome so do please join us.

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The Diocese of Swansea and Brecon

The East Radnor Benefice is a member of the East Radnor Ministry Area which also covers Brecon Hill and New Radnor. Our ministry area then forms part of the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon.

The Diocese covers a wide geographical area – from rural Powys in the north to Brecon at the centre, then down through the Swansea Valley to urban Swansea and the spectacular Gower coastline. It is a truly beautiful part of the world.

We have around 200 churches in the diocese, many in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Within its 1,316 square miles the diocese embraces a range of very different communities and we work in a united way driven by a vision for our future together.

In East Radnor residents support the traditional values of its farming, whilst welcoming visitors who enjoy some of the most scenic walks in Wales.