The Radnor magazine has been an intrinsic part of keeping the community informed of what is happening in the church and the community for many, many years now.

In 2017 when the Benefice was enlarged so was the magazine, in every way possible. We now publish news and events for three distinct areas Beacon Hill, East Radnor and New Radnor which in all encapsulates fourteen churches.

It’s a demanding task to fit in everyone’s news and we say sorry to those in advance where we can’t fit in your news because of the restriction on size of the actual magazine which we try to keep to 56 pages.

The magazine is currently paid for by subscription and advertisers and your continued support is very much appreciated.


The East Radnor ministry Area produces 10 copies of the magazine ‘The Radnor’ annually. These are of a very quality and distributed to a wide audiance via local churches. The magazine is purchased by the local community and has a long shelf life in peoples homes.

We thank both residents and advertisers for supporting ‘The Radnor’.


It is now time to pay either your distributor or local church:

  • £8.00 for 10 issues
  • £1.00 for 1 issue


The deadline for submitting material is the 15th day of any month.

Please keep your submissions to under 200 words and send them to our Editor.

Advertisers please contact the Editor.

The Editor

Laura Woodside-Jones.

01547 520266